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A selection of links that are all related to Plant protease inhibitors.

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1   Link   MEROPS
The MEROPS database is an information resource for proteases and the proteins that inhibit them.
2   Link   UniProt
The Universal Protein Resource, a comprehensive resource for protein sequence and annotation data.
3   Link   EMBL-EBI
European Bioinformatics Institute.
4   Link   NCBI
National Center for Biotechnology Information.
5   Link   Phytozome
A tool for green plant comparative genomics.
6   Link   Gene Ontology
The Gene Ontology project for standardizing the representation of gene and gene product attributes across species and databases.
7   Link   PubMed
PubMed comprises more than 19 million citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals, and online books.
8   Link   DOI
The Digital Object Identifier (DOI®) System.
9   Link   WikiGenes
A wiki for the life sciences where authorship matters.
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