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I51 Palmieri,G., Catara,G., Saviano,M., Langella,E., Gogliettino,M. & Rossi,M. First archaeal PEPB-serine protease inhibitor from Sulfolobus solfataricus with noncanonical amino acid sequence in the reactive-site loop J Proteome Res (2009) 8, 327-334. 2009 PubMed DOI
I51 Rawlings,N.D., Tolle,D.P. & Barrett,A.J. Evolutionary families of peptidase inhibitors Biochem J (2004) 378, 705-716. 2004 PubMed DOI Review
I51 Mima,J., Narita,Y., Chiba,H. & Hayashi,R. The multiple site binding of carboxypeptidase Y inhibitor (IC) to the cognate proteinase. Implications for the biological roles of the phosphatidylethanolamine-binding protein J Biol Chem (2003) 278, 29792-29798. 2003 PubMed DOI Three-dimensional Structure
I51 Simister,P.C., Banfield,M.J. & Brady,R.L. The crystal structure of PEBP-2, a homologue of the PEBP/RKIP family Acta Crystallogr D Biol Crystallogr (2002) 58, 1077-1080. 2002 PubMed DOI Three-dimensional Structure
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