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PI, Family, Clan or Protein ID Authors Title Source Year PubMed DOI Category
I20 Kong,L. & Ranganathan,S. Tandem duplication, circular permutation, molecular adaptation: how Solanaceae resist pests via inhibitors BMC Bioinformatics (2008) 9 Suppl 1, S22. 2008 PubMed DOI Review
I20 Schirra,H.J. & Craik,D.J. Structure and folding of potato type II proteinase inhibitors: circular permutation and intramolecular domain swapping Protein Pept Lett (2005) 12, 421-431. 2005 PubMed DOI Three-dimensional Structure
I20 Rawlings,N.D., Tolle,D.P. & Barrett,A.J. Evolutionary families of peptidase inhibitors Biochem J (2004) 378, 705-716. 2004 PubMed DOI Review
I20 Barta,E., Pintar,A. & Pongor,S. Repeats with variations: accelerated evolution of the Pin2 family of proteinase inhibitors Trends Genet (2002) 18, 600-603. 2002 PubMed DOI Mutation, allelic variant or polymorphism
I20 Antcheva,N., Pintar,A., Patthy,A., Simoncsits,A., Barta,E., Tchorbanov,B. & Pongor,S. Proteins of circularly permuted sequence present within the same organism: the major serine proteinase inhibitor from Capsicum annuum seeds Protein Sci (2001) 10, 2280-2290. 2001 PubMed DOI
I20 Bryant,J., Green,T.R., Gurusaddaiah,T. & Ryan,C.A. Proteinase inhibitor II from potatoes: isolation and characterization of its protomer components Biochemistry (1976) 15, 3418-3424. 1976 PubMed DOI
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