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I25.014 Kiggundu,A., Muchwezi,J., Van der Vyver,C., Viljoen,A., Vorster,J., Schluter,U., Kunert,K. & Michaud,D. Deleterious effects of plant cystatins against the banana weevil Cosmopolites sordidus Arch Insect Biochem Physiol (2010) 73, 87-105. 2010 PubMed DOI Substrate specificity
I25.014 Senthilkumar,R., Cheng,C.P. & Yeh,K.W. Genetically pyramiding protease-inhibitor genes for dual broad-spectrum resistance against insect and phytopathogens in transgenic tobacco Plant Biotechnol J (2010) 8, 65-75. 2010 PubMed DOI Transgenic Plant
I25.014 Chan,Y.L., Yang,A.H., Chen,J.T., Yeh,K.W. & Chan,M.T. Heterologous expression of taro cystatin protects transgenic tomato against Meloidogyne incognita infection by means of interfering sex determination and suppressing gall formation Plant Cell Rep (2010) 29, 231-238. 2010 PubMed DOI Recombinant Expression
I25.014 Jung,D.-Y., Lee,O.R., Kim,Y.-J., Lee,J.-H., Pulla,R.K., Sathiyaraj,G., Shim,J.-S. & Yang,D.-C. Molecular characterization of a cysteine proteinase inhibitor, PgCPI, from Panax ginseng C. A. Meyer Acta Physiol Plant (2010) 1-10. 2010 DOI Gene Expression
I25.014 Martinez,M., Cambra,I., Carrillo,L., az-Mendoza,M. & Diaz,I. Characterization of the entire cystatin gene family in barley and their target cathepsin L-like cysteine-proteases, partners in the hordein mobilization during seed germination Plant Physiol (2009) 151, 1531-1545. 2009 PubMed DOI Substrate specificity
I25.014 Megdiche,W., Passaquet,C., Zourrig,W., Zuily Fodil,Y. & Abdelly,C. Molecular cloning and characterization of novel cystatin gene in leaves Cakile maritima halophyte J Plant Physiol (2009) 166, 739-749. 2009 PubMed DOI Gene Expression
I25.014 Hwang,J.E., Hong,J.K., Je,J.H., Lee,K.O., Kim,D.Y., Lee,S.Y. & Lim,C.O. Regulation of seed germination and seedling growth by an Arabidopsis phytocystatin isoform, AtCYS6 Plant Cell Rep (2009) 28, 1623-1632. 2009 PubMed DOI Gene Expression
I25.014 Doi-Kawano,K., Nishimoto,E., Kouzuma,Y., Takahashi,D., Yamashita,S. & Kimura,M. Steady-state and time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopic studies on interaction of the N-terminal region with the hairpin loop of the phytocystatin Scb J Fluoresc (2009) 19, 631-639. 2009 PubMed DOI Three-dimensional Structure
I25.014 Wang,K.M., Kumar,S., Cheng,Y.S., Venkatagiri,S., Yang,A.H. & Yeh,K.W. Characterization of inhibitory mechanism and antifungal activity between group-1 and group-2 phytocystatins from taro (Colocasia esculenta) FEBS J (2008) 275, 4980-4989. 2008 PubMed DOI
I25.014 Benchabane,M., Goulet,M.C., Dallaire,C., Cote,P.L. & Michaud,D. Hybrid protease inhibitors for pest and pathogen control - a functional cost for the fusion partners? Plant Physiol Biochem (2008) 46, 701-708. 2008 PubMed DOI Review
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