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I13.015 Singh,A., Sahi,C. & Grover,A. Chymotrypsin protease inhibitor gene family in rice: genomic organization and evidence for the presence of a bidirectional promoter shared between two chymotrypsin protease inhibitor genes Gene (2009) 428, 9-19. 2009 PubMed DOI Gene Expression
I13.015 Vila,L., Quilis,J., Meynard,D., Breitler,J.C., Marfa,V., Murillo,I., Vassal,J.M., Messeguer,J., Guiderdoni,E. & San Segundo,B. Expression of the maize proteinase inhibitor (mpi) gene in rice plants enhances resistance against the striped stem borer (Chilo suppressalis): effects on larval growth and insect gut proteinases Plant Biotechnol J (2005) 3, 187-202. 2005 PubMed DOI Transgenic Plant
I13.015 Breitler,J.C., Cordero,M.J., Royer,M., Meynard,D., San Segundo,B. & Guiderdoni,E. The -689/+197 region of the maize protease inhibitor gene directs high level, wound-inducible expression of the cry1B gene which protects transgenic rice plants from stemborer attack Mol Breed (2001) 7, 259-274. 2001 DOI Gene Expression
I13.015 Tamayo,M.C., Rufat,M., Bravo,J.M. & San Segundo,B. Accumulation of a maize proteinase inhibitor in response to wounding and insect feeding, and characterization of its activity toward digestive proteinases of Spodoptera littoralis larvae Planta (2000) 211, 62-71. 2000 PubMed Substrate specificity
I13.015 Cordero,M.J., Raventos,D. & San Segundo,B. Expression of a maize proteinase inhibitor gene is induced in response to wounding and fungal infection: systemic wound-response of a monocot gene Plant J (1994) 6, 141-150. 1994 PubMed Gene Expression
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