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I07.008 Telang,M.A., Pyati,P., Sainani,M., Gupta,V.S. & Giri,A.P. Momordica charantia trypsin inhibitor II inhibits growth and development of Helicoverpa armigera Insect Sci (2009) 16, 371-379. 2009 DOI Recombinant Expression
I07.008 Chiche,L., Heitz,A., Gelly,J.C., Gracy,J., Chau,P.T., Ha,P.T., Hernandez,J.F. & Le Nguyen,D. Squash inhibitors: from structural motifs to macrocyclic knottins Curr Protein Pept Sci (2004) 5, 341-349. 2004 PubMed DOI Review
I07.008 Chakraborty,S., Haldar,U., Bera,A.K., Pal,A.K., Bhattacharya,S., Ghosh,S., Mukhopadhyay,B.P. & Banerjee,A. Recognition and stabilization of a unique CPRI-structural motif in cucurbitaceae family trypsin inhibitor peptides: molecular dynamics based homology modeling using the X-ray structure of MCTI-II J Biomol Struct Dyn (2001) 18, 569-577. 2001 PubMed Three-dimensional Structure
I07.008 Sato,S., Kamei,K., Taniguchi,M., Sato,H., Takano,R., Mori,H., Ichida,M. & Hara,S. Cloning and expression of the Momordica charantia trypsin inhibitor II gene in silkworm by using a baculovirus vector Biosci Biotechnol Biochem (2000) 64, 393-398. 2000 PubMed Recombinant Expression
I07.008 Kamei,K., Sato,S., Hamato,N., Takano,R., Ohshima,K., Yamamoto,R., Nishino,T., Kato,H. & Hara,S. Effect of P(2)' site tryptophan and P(20)' site deletion of Momordica charantia trypsin inhibitor II on inhibition of proteinases Biochim Biophys Acta (2000) 1480, 6-12. 2000 PubMed DOI Substrate specificity
I07.008 Chakraborty,S., Bhattacharya,S., Ghosh,S., Bera,A.K., Haldar,U., Pal,A.K., Mukhopadhyay,B.P. & Banerjee,A. Structural and interactional homology of clinically potential trypsin inhibitors: molecular modelling of Cucurbitaceae family peptides using the X-ray structure of MCTI-II Protein Eng (2000) 13, 551-555. 2000 PubMed Suggested therapeutcal potential
I07.008 Miura,S. & Funatsu,G. Isolation and amino acid sequences of two trypsin inhibitors from the seeds of bitter gourd (Momordica charantia) Biosci Biotechnol Biochem (1995) 59, 469-473. 1995 PubMed
I07.008 Hamato,N., Koshiba,T., Pham,T.N., Tatsumi,Y., Nakamura,D., Takano,R., Hayashi,K., Hong,Y.M. & Hara,S. Trypsin and elastase inhibitors from bitter gourd (Momordica charantia LINN.) seeds: purification, amino acid sequences, and inhibitory activities of four new inhibitors J Biochem (1995) 117, 432-437. 1995 PubMed Substrate specificity
I07.008 Hara,S., Makino,J. & Ikenaka,T. Amino acid sequences and disulfide bridges of serine proteinase inhibitors from bitter gourd (Momordica charantia LINN.) seeds J Biochem (1989) 105, 88-91. 1989 PubMed
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