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I13 Cai,M., Gong,Y.X., Wen,L. & Krishnamoorthi,R. Correlation of binding-loop internal dynamics with stability and function in potato I inhibitor family: relative contributions of Arg(50) and Arg(52) in Cucurbita maxima trypsin inhibitor-V as studied by site-directed mutagenesis and NMR spectroscopy Biochemistry (2002) 41, 9572-9579. 2002 PubMed DOI Mutation, allelic variant or polymorphism
I04 Irving,J.A., Pike,R.N., Dai,W., Bromme,D., Worrall,D.M., Silverman,G.A., Coetzer,T.H., Dennison,C., Bottomley,S.P. & Whisstock,J.C. Evidence that serpin architecture intrinsically supports papain-like cysteine protease inhibition: engineering alpha(1)-antitrypsin to inhibit cathepsin proteases Biochemistry (2002) 41, 4998-5004. 2002 PubMed DOI Design of small-molecule Inhibitors
I04 Plotnick,M.I., Samakur,M., Wang,Z.M., Liu,X.Z., Rubin,H., Schechter,N.M. & Selwood,T. Heterogeneity in serpin-protease complexes as demonstrated by differences in the mechanism of complex breakdown Biochemistry (2002) 41, 334-342. 2002 PubMed DOI
I12 Scarpi,D., McBride,J.D. & Leatherbarrow,R.J. Inhibition of human beta-tryptase by Bowman-Birk inhibitor derived peptides J Pept Res (2002) 59, 90-93. 2002 PubMed Substrate specificity
I29 Yamamoto,Y., Kurata,M., Watabe,S., Murakami,R. & Takahashi,S.Y. Novel cysteine proteinase inhibitors homologous to the proregions of cysteine proteinases Curr Protein Pept Sci (2002) 3, 231-238. 2002 PubMed
I12 McBride,J.D., Watson,E.M., Brauer,A.B., Jaulent,A.M. & Leatherbarrow,R.J. Peptide mimics of the Bowman-Birk inhibitor reactive site loop Biopolymers (2002) 66, 79-92. 2002 PubMed DOI Design of small-molecule Inhibitors
I20 Barta,E., Pintar,A. & Pongor,S. Repeats with variations: accelerated evolution of the Pin2 family of proteinase inhibitors Trends Genet (2002) 18, 600-603. 2002 PubMed DOI Mutation, allelic variant or polymorphism
I04 Gettins,P.G. Serpin structure, mechanism, and function Chem Rev (2002) 102, 4751-4804. 2002 PubMed DOI Review
I04 Irving,J.A., Steenbakkers,P.J., Lesk,A.M., Op,d.C., Pike,R.N. & Whisstock,J.C. Serpins in prokaryotes Mol Biol Evol (2002) 19, 1881-1890. 2002 PubMed Review
I04 Pike,R.N., Bottomley,S.P., Irving,J.A., Bird,P.I. & Whisstock,J.C. Serpins: finely balanced conformational traps IUBMB Life (2002) 54, 1-7. 2002 PubMed DOI Review
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