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PI, Family, Clan or Protein ID Authors Title Source Year PubMed DOI Category
I04 Devlin,G.L. & Bottomley,S.P. A protein family under 'stress' - serpin stability, folding and misfolding Front Biosci (2005) 10, 288-299. 2005 PubMed Review
I04 Kaiserman,D. & Bird,P.I. Analysis of vertebrate genomes suggests a new model for clade B serpin evolution BMC Genomics (2005) 6, 167. 2005 PubMed DOI
I04 Gopalan,S., Kasza,A., Xu,W., Kiss,D.L., Wilczynska,K.M., Rydel,R.E. & Kordula,T. Astrocyte- and hepatocyte-specific expression of genes from the distal serpin subcluster at 14q32.1 associates with tissue-specific chromatin structures J Neurochem (2005) 94, 763-773. 2005 PubMed DOI Suggested therapeutcal potential
I03 Iwanaga,S., Yamasaki,N., Kimura,M. & Kouzuma,Y. Contribution of conserved Asn residues to the inhibitory activities of Kunitz-type protease inhibitors from plants Biosci Biotechnol Biochem (2005) 69, 220-223. 2005 PubMed DOI Mutation, allelic variant or polymorphism
I04 Pike,R.N., Buckle,A.M., Le Bonniec,B.F. & Church,F.C. Control of the coagulation system by serpins. Getting by with a little help from glycosaminoglycans FEBS J (2005) 272, 4842-4851. 2005 PubMed DOI Suggested therapeutcal potential
I04 Li,Z., Liu,Q., Song,M., Zheng,Y., Nan,P., Cao,Y., Chen,G., Li,Y. & Zhong,Y. Detecting correlation between sequence and expression divergences in a comparative analysis of human serpin genes Biosystems (2005) 82, 226-234. 2005 PubMed DOI Gene Expression
I04 Takahashi,N., Terakado,K., Nakamura,G., Soekmadji,C., Masuoka,T., Yamasaki,M. & Hirose,M. Dynamic mechanism for the serpin loop insertion as revealed by quantitative kinetics J Mol Biol (2005) 348, 409-418. 2005 PubMed DOI Substrate specificity
I04 Buck,M.J. & Atchley,W.R. Networks of coevolving sites in structural and functional domains of serpin proteins Mol Biol Evol (2005) 22, 1627-1634. 2005 PubMed DOI Review
I04 Marsden,M.D. & Fournier,R.E. Organization and expression of the human serpin gene cluster at 14q32.1 Front Biosci (2005) 10, 1768-1778. 2005 PubMed Suggested therapeutcal potential
I04 Whisstock,J.C., Bottomley,S.P., Bird,P.I., Pike,R.N. & Coughlin,P. Serpins 2005 - fun between the beta-sheets. Meeting report based upon presentations made at the 4th International Symposium on Serpin Structure, Function and Biology (Cairns, Australia) FEBS J (2005) 272, 4868-4873. 2005 PubMed DOI Review
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