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I25 Kiggundu,A., Goulet,M.C., Goulet,C., Dubuc,J.F., Rivard,D., Benchabane,M., Pepin,G., Vyver,C.V., Kunert,K. & Michaud,D. Modulating the proteinase inhibitory profile of a plant cystatin by single mutations at positively selected amino acid sites Plant J (2006) 48, 403-413. 2006 PubMed DOI Mutation, allelic variant or polymorphism
I03 Talyzina,N.M. & Ingvarsson,P.K. Molecular evolution of a small gene family of wound inducible Kunitz trypsin inhibitors in Populus J Mol Evol (2006) 63, 108-119. 2006 PubMed DOI Review
I02 Chakrabarty,A., MacLean,J.A., Hughes,A.L., Roberts,R.M. & Green,J.A. Rapid evolution of the trophoblast Kunitz domain proteins (TKDPs) - a multigene family in ruminant ungulates J Mol Evol (2006) 63, 274-282. 2006 PubMed DOI
I12 Costa,J.R. & Yaliraki,S.N. Role of rigidity on the activity of proteinase inhibitors and their peptide mimics J Phys Chem B (2006) 110, 18981-18988. 2006 PubMed DOI Three-dimensional Structure
I04 Luke,C.J., Pak,S.C., Askew,D.J., Askew,Y.S., Smith,J.E. & Silverman,G.A. Selective conservation of the rsl-encoding, proteinase inhibitory-type, clade l serpins in Caenorhabditis species Front Biosci (2006) 11, 581-594. 2006 PubMed DOI
I04 Marszal,E. & Shrake,A. Serpin crystal structure and serpin polymer structure Arch Biochem Biophys (2006) 453, 123-129. 2006 PubMed DOI Three-dimensional Structure
I04 Huntington,J.A. Shape-shifting serpins - advantages of a mobile mechanism Trends Biochem Sci (2006) 31, 427-435. 2006 PubMed DOI Review
I04 Kang,S., Barak,Y., Lamed,R., Bayer,E.A. & Morrison,M. The functional repertoire of prokaryote cellulosomes includes the serpin superfamily of serine proteinase inhibitors Mol Microbiol (2006) 60, 1344-1354. 2006 PubMed DOI
I25 Keppler,D. Towards novel anti-cancer strategies based on cystatin function Cancer Lett (2006) 235, 159-176. 2006 PubMed DOI Suggested therapeutcal potential
I04 Shin,J.S. & Yu,M.H. Viscous drag as the source of active site perturbation during protease translocation: insights into how Inhibitory processes are controlled by serpin metastability J Mol Biol (2006) 359, 378-389. 2006 PubMed DOI
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