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PI, Family, Clan or Protein ID Authors Title Source Year PubMed DOI Category
I12 Losso,J.N. The biochemical and functional food properties of the Bowman-Birk inhibitor Crit Rev Food Sci Nutr (2008) 48, 94-118. 2008 PubMed DOI Review
I04 Davies,M.J. & Lomas,D.A. The molecular aetiology of the serpinopathies Int J Biochem Cell Biol (2008) 40, 1273-1286. 2008 PubMed DOI Suggested therapeutcal potential
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I73 Conners,R., Konarev,A.V., Forsyth,J., Lovegrove,A., Marsh,J., Joseph-Horne,T., Shewry,P. & Brady,R.L. An unusual helix-turn-helix protease inhibitory motif in a novel trypsin inhibitor from seeds of veronica (Veronica hederifolia L.) J Biol Chem (2007) 282, 27760-27768. 2007 PubMed DOI Three-dimensional Structure
I04 Boudier,C., Bousquet,J.A., Schauinger,S., Michels,B. & Bieth,J.G. Reversible inactivation of serpins at acidic pH Arch Biochem Biophys (2007) 466, 155-163. 2007 PubMed DOI Assay method
I04 Rau,J.C., Beaulieu,L.M., Huntington,J.A. & Church,F.C. Serpins in thrombosis, hemostasis and fibrinolysis J Thromb Haemost (2007) 5 Suppl 1, 102-115. 2007 PubMed DOI Review
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I04 Kaiserman,D., Whisstock,J.C. & Bird,P.I. Mechanisms of serpin dysfunction in disease Expert Rev Mol Med (2006) 8, 1-19. 2006 PubMed DOI Review
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