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PI, Family, Clan or Protein ID Authors Title Source Year PubMed DOI Category
I03.017 Valueva,T.A., Speranskaia,A.S., Revina,T.A. & Shevelev,A.B. Molecular cloning and expression of genes of Kunitz-type C protease inhibitors from potato Bioorg Khim (2008) 34, 344-352. 2008 PubMed Gene Expression
I25.014 Margis-Pinheiro,M., Zolet,A.C., Loss,G., Pasquali,G. & Margis,R. Molecular evolution and diversification of plant cysteine proteinase inhibitors: new insights after the poplar genome Mol Phylogenet Evol (2008) 49, 349-355. 2008 PubMed DOI Review
I12.002 Legowska,A., Bulak,E., Wysocka,M., Jaskiewicz,A., Lesner,A., Debowski,D. & Rolka,K. Peptomeric analogues of trypsin inhibitor SFTI-1 isolated from sunflower seeds Bioorg Med Chem (2008) 16, 5644-5652. 2008 PubMed DOI Design of small-molecule Inhibitors
I04.032 Yamasaki,Y., Konno,H. & Noda,K. Polyphenol oxidase from wheat bran is a serpin Acta Biochim Pol (2008) 55, 325-328. 2008 PubMed
I25.045 Ribeiro,C.W., Soares-Costa,A., Falco,M.C., Chabregas,S.M., Ulian,E.C., Cotrin,S.S., Carmona,A.K., Santana,L.A., Oliva,M.L. & Henrique-Silva,F. Production of a His-tagged canecystatin in transgenic sugarcane and subsequent purification Biotechnol Prog (2008) 24, 1060-1066. 2008 PubMed DOI Recombinant Expression
I03.026 da Silva,A.J., Teles,R.C., Esteves,G.F., dos Santos,C.R., Barbosa,J.A. & De Freitas,S.M. Purification, crystallization and preliminary crystallographic studies of SPCI-chymotrypsin complex at 2.8 A resolution Acta Crystallograph Sect F Struct Biol Cryst Commun (2008) 64, 914-917. 2008 PubMed DOI Three-dimensional Structure
I03.004 Micheelsen,P.O., Vevodova,J., De Maria,L., Ostergaard,P.R., Friis,E.P., Wilson,K. & Skjot,M. Structural and mutational analyses of the interaction between the barley alpha-amylase/subtilisin inhibitor and the subtilisin savinase reveal a novel mode of inhibition J Mol Biol (2008) 380, 681-690. 2008 PubMed DOI Three-dimensional Structure
I25.040 Goulet,M.C., Dallaire,C., Vaillancourt,L.P., Khalf,M., Badri,A.M., Preradov,A., Duceppe,M.O., Goulet,C., Cloutier,C. & Michaud,D. Tailoring the specificity of a plant cystatin toward herbivorous insect digestive cysteine proteases by single mutations at positively selected amino acid sites Plant Physiol (2008) 146, 1010-1019. 2008 PubMed DOI Mutation, allelic variant or polymorphism
I03.025 Jimenez,T., Martin,I., Hernandez-Nistal,J., Labrador,E. & Dopico,B. The accumulation of a Kunitz trypsin inhibitor from chickpea (TPI-2) located in cell walls is increased in wounded leaves and elongating epicotyls Physiol Plant (2008) 132, 306-317. 2008 PubMed DOI Gene Expression
I25.014 Martinez,M. & Diaz,I. The origin and evolution of plant cystatins and their target cysteine proteinases indicate a complex functional relationship BMC Evol Biol (2008) 8, 198. 2008 PubMed DOI Review
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