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I12.002 Legowska,A., Debowski,D., Lesner,A., Wysocka,M. & Rolka,K. Selection of peptomeric inhibitors of bovine alpha-chymotrypsin and cathepsin G based on trypsin inhibitor SFTI-1 using a combinatorial chemistry approach Mol Divers (2010) 14, 51-58. 2010 PubMed DOI Design of small-molecule Inhibitors
I20.004 Schirra,H.J., Guarino,R.F., Anderson,M.A. & Craik,D.J. Selective removal of individual disulfide bonds within a potato type II serine proteinase inhibitor from Nicotiana alata reveals differential stabilization of the reactive-site loop J Mol Biol (2010) 395, 609-626. 2010 PubMed DOI Design of small-molecule Inhibitors
I12.001 Qi,R.F., Liu,Z.X., Xu,S.Q., Zhang,L., Shao,X.X. & Chi,C.W. Small peptides derived from the Lys active fragment of the mung bean trypsin inhibitor are fully active against trypsin FEBS J (2010) 277, 224-232. 2010 PubMed DOI Design of small-molecule Inhibitors
I03.027 Sumikawa,J.T., Brito,M.V., Macedo,M.L., Uchoa,A.F., Miranda,A., Araujo,A.P., Silva-Lucca,R.A., Sampaio,M.U. & Oliva,M.L. The defensive functions of plant inhibitors are not restricted to insect enzyme inhibition Phytochemistry (2010) 71, 214-220. 2010 PubMed DOI Review
I03.002 Khalf,M., Goulet,C., Vorster,J., Brunelle,F., Anguenot,R., Fliss,I. & Michaud,D. Tubers from potato lines expressing a tomato Kunitz protease inhibitor are substantially equivalent to parental and transgenic controls Plant Biotechnol J (2010) 8, 155-169. 2010 PubMed DOI Transgenic Plant
I04.UPW Liu,Y., Li,F., Wang,B., Dong,B., Zhang,X. & Xiang,J. A serpin from Chinese shrimp Fenneropenaeus chinensis is responsive to bacteria and WSSV challenge Fish Shellfish Immunol (2009) 26, 345-351. 2009 PubMed DOI Suggested therapeutcal potential
I02.UNW Jacobsen,K.T. & Iverfeldt,K. Amyloid precursor protein and its homologues: a family of proteolysis-dependent receptors Cell Mol Life Sci (2009) 66, 2299-2318. 2009 PubMed DOI Review
I12.UPW Torres-Castillo,J.A., Mondragon Jacobo,C. & Blanco-Labra,A. Characterization of a highly stable trypsin-like proteinase inhibitor from the seeds of Opuntia streptacantha (O. streptacantha Lemaire) Phytochemistry (2009) 70, 1374-1381. 2009 PubMed DOI
Martinez,M., Cambra,I., Carrillo,L., az-Mendoza,M. & Diaz,I. Characterization of the entire cystatin gene family in barley and their target cathepsin L-like cysteine-proteases, partners in the hordein mobilization during seed germination Plant Physiol (2009) 151, 1531-1545. 2009 PubMed DOI Substrate specificity
Singh,A., Sahi,C. & Grover,A. Chymotrypsin protease inhibitor gene family in rice: genomic organization and evidence for the presence of a bidirectional promoter shared between two chymotrypsin protease inhibitor genes Gene (2009) 428, 9-19. 2009 PubMed DOI Gene Expression
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