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I04.UPW Weaver,M., Leshley,K., Sands,H., Gritman,K.R., Legos,J.J. & Tuma,R.F. LEX032, a novel recombinant serpin, protects the brain after transient focal ischemia Microvasc Res (2002) 63, 327-334. 2002 PubMed DOI Suggested therapeutcal potential
I04.UPW Irving,J.A., Steenbakkers,P.J., Lesk,A.M., Op,d.C., Pike,R.N. & Whisstock,J.C. Serpins in prokaryotes Mol Biol Evol (2002) 19, 1881-1890. 2002 PubMed Review
I04.UPW Rasmussen,S.K., Dahl,S.W., Norgard,A. & Hejgaard,J. A recombinant wheat serpin with inhibitory activity Plant Mol Biol (1996) 30, 673-677. 1996 PubMed Recombinant Expression
I04.UPW Potempa,J., Enghild,J.J. & Travis,J. The primary elastase inhibitor (elastasin) and trypsin inhibitor (contrapsin) in the goat are serpins related to human alpha 1-anti-chymotrypsin Biochem J (1995) 306, 191-197. 1995 PubMed Suggested therapeutcal potential
I04.UPW Morgenstern,K.A., Henzel,W.J., Baker,J.B., Wong,S., Pastuszyn,A. & Kisiel,W. Isolation and characterization of an intracellular serine proteinase inhibitor from a monkey kidney epithelial cell line J Biol Chem (1993) 268, 21560-21568. 1993 PubMed
I04.UPW Narumi,H., Hishida,T., Sasaki,T., Feng,D.F. & Doolittle,R.F. Molecular cloning of silkworm (Bombyx mori) antichymotrypsin. A new member of the serpin superfamily of proteins from insects Eur J Biochem (1993) 214, 181-187. 1993 PubMed Gene Expression
I04.UPW Ohkubo,K., Ogata,S., Misumi,Y., Takami,N. & Ikehara,Y. Molecular cloning and characterization of rat contrapsin-like protease inhibitor and related proteins J Biochem (1991) 109, 243-250. 1991 PubMed Gene Expression
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